Mengelers Group
choses JapiecarsPRO!

Mengelers Group uses JapiecarsPRO for real-time stock management

Brian Italiaander, Managing Director of Mengelers Groep, is a fan of Japie and likes to talk about it.

“Mengelers Groep is growing fast, and we were missing a tool to get a grip on our used vehicles. In the past, we have worked with a data program, but that was far from easy or clear. We want to have quick, real-time insight into the real value of a used car. Japie does that, and it provides us with the missing answers. For example, what is the marketability of a used car? And how many of them are for sale in the country? With Japie, I know exactly where I stand. We use it for both buying and selling used cars. Japie has significantly accelerated and improved our work process. However, we do notice that we need to set up our own business processes even better in order to benefit even more from Japie. We’re working hard on that.”

“Inexperienced salespeople gain confidence from Japie and improve faster”

“All our salespeople have access to Japie. We thus try to invest accountability lower in the organization. What we notice is that sellers gain a lot more self-confidence by using Japie. With Japie, they are immediately able to determine a good price. Of course, they always discuss their findings with the sales management.”

“The people behind Japie are happy to collaborate and innovate”

“I am also very pleased with the people behind Japie. They are very flexible and are happy to collaborate and innovate. In addition, the helpdesk is always easily accessible. I can sincerely say that I have had good experiences with Japie.”

About Mengelers Group

The Mengelers Groep is the Toyota, Suzuki and Lexus dealer for South and North Limburg.

Our 5 dealerships in Landgraaf, Maastricht, Sittard, Roermond and Venlo all carry the Toyota dealership. Our branch in Sittard also represents 2 other beautiful brands, namely Suzuki and the premium brand Lexus. We thus guarantee that there is always an official dealer for these brands in your area.

Megelers is a real family business built on the pillars of ‘Customers for Life’ and the ‘Toyota Way’. As the first Toyota dealer in the Netherlands, the Mengelers Groep has grown into a familiar address in Limburg over more than 50 years. We are the oldest and most experienced Toyota dealer in the Netherlands, but… quite up to date, because we are full of ‘young’ ideas!

You are also at the right place as a business driver with Mengelers. Our special Mengelers Business Centre Limburg in Sittard is 100% ready to support you, and we are constantly thinking with you about the best way to manage your fleet as cost-effectively as possible. Everything is focused on high-quality and sustainable mobility.

About Japiecars

Buying and selling used cars based on experience, historic data and intuition is history! Japie and his team of data scientists now provide real-time market and trend information about market values, (future) residual values and marketability of used cars. Japie automates the (financial) process from purchase to monitoring and sales. That means optimizing millions of euros in capital. Want more information about Japiecars? Email us at or contact us by phone at +31 (0)10 307 03 36.