Louwman dealerbedrijven
switches to JapiecarsPro

Louwman Dealerbedrijven switches to JapiecarsPRO for the management of over 2,500 used cars!

(ed.: number 6 in the Dealer holding top 10)”, according to Bram van der Vijver, General Manager Louwman Dealerbedrijven.

Harm ter Horst, Used Car Manager, says: He adds:

Japie is the mastermind behind JapiecarsPRO used car software. Together with his team of Data Scientists he collects and analyses large amounts of data each day. The results of the analyses are presented in JapiecarsPRO, where the specialists make a reliable client analysis in two mouse clicks.

, says Ronald Scholtus, Business Development Director at Japiecars. He adds:

Thanks to Japie, Louwman Dealerbedrijven makes better decisions more quickly. The specialists of Louwman Dealerbedrijven and Japie lead to better margins and more turnover.

About Louwman Dealerbedrijven

In 1923 Mr Louwman and Mr Parqui started the Louwman & Parqui company in The Hague. One year later they successfully imported Dodges from Amerika under the name G.I.V.A. This was the start of a rich history where the family company has grown to become one of the most important companies in the Dutch automotive sector: Louwman Group.

Louwman Dealerbedrijven is part of the Louwman Group. With 50 branches and over 750 employees the company is ranked in the top 5 automotive retail holdings in the Netherlands. With official dealerships for Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki, Mazda and Mitsubishi we offer car brands for virtually every wish and budget.

About Louwman Dealer Group

With over 70 dealer branches we are one of the largest automotive dealer holdings in the Netherlands. We are the official dealer of Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Mazda, smart and Mitsubishi. Our branches offer new cars, a large variety of used cars, and of course maintenance, repairs, damage recovery or a new MOT as well. Insurance, financing and lease are of course also among the possibilities.

Louwman Dealer Group is part of the Louwman Group, a leading family company with long term experience in the car industry.

About Japiecars

Buying and selling used cars based on experience, historic data and intuition is history! Japie and his team of data scientists now provide real-time market and trend information about market values, (future) residual values and marketability of used cars. Japie automates the (financial) process from purchase to monitoring and sales. That means optimizing millions of euros in capital. Want more information about Japiecars? Email us at japie@japiecars.nl or contact us by phone at +31 (0)10 307 03 36.