Herwers Group


Three years ago, Herwers Groep was one of the first large auto companies to partner with Japiecars. After three years, they would not have it any other way.

Maarten Wullink, second-hand vehicle manager at Herwers about Japie:.

Japiecars is a successful player in the market for second-hand vehicle management. Japie’s algorithms collect large amounts of data in real time about online sales prices, price adjustments, standing days and sales numbers of used cars. The data are analysed based on customer-specific protocols and accessed via API links and/or the user-friendly cloud software JapiecarsPRO. The technology is independent of country and language, so that market values, (future) residual values and marketability of used cars are transparent, clear and comparable.

Automotive industry is changing, in part due to the corona crisis
The automotive industry has been hit hard by the corona crisis. Recent publications, including the Algemeen Dagblad, have noted the fact that potential car buyers are avoiding dealers out of the fear of physical contact. That means that the industry must adapt quickly in order to reach the public in other ways. Auto dealers are doing this, for example, by showing vehicles using video calls, offering test drives at home and by facilitating customers so that they can arrange a large part of the purchase process themselves digitally., according to Ronald Scholtus, Business Development Director for Japiecars.

About herwers group

The Herwers Groep is a no-nonsense dealer organization in the eastern Netherlands that wants to offer the best and broadest selection in the area of mobility, with the brands Dacia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Renault, and to do so in a sustainable way and such that customers and employees feel at home in a low-barrier and transparent way.

About Japiecars

Buying and selling used cars based on experience, historic data and intuition is history! Japie and his team of data scientists now provide real-time market and trend information about market values, (future) residual values and marketability of used cars. Japie automates the (financial) process from purchase to monitoring and sales. That means optimizing millions of euros in capital. Want more information about Japiecars? Email us at japie@japiecars.nl or contact us by phone at +31 (0)10 307 03 36.